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The Drunks “Violent Solutions” LP

Image of The Drunks “Violent Solutions” LP


The Drunks
“Violent Solutions” 12”/Digital

A 9 song collection of Skinhead anthems from Manchester’s fiercest street rock and roll band: The Drunks. Cherry picked by original members of the band, “Violent Solutions” has songs from their “Life Free Or Die Die Die import 7”, their “Ruin It For Everyone” CD, and previous Unreleased material. With songs about hopelessness to violence to golden days and alleys ways. This is Manchester. This is true fury. Artwork by Ralf ‘Osti’ Ostermoller. “Violent Solutions” is coming Friday September 14th, 2018.


Dead End Streets
Bottles Full
Alley Ways
Better Days*
Voice of Glory
Saturday Night
New Hampshire
This is AR # 083