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The Fake Boys "This Is Where Our Songs Live" 12" LP/CD

$1.00 - On Sale

The Fake Boys "This Is Where Our Songs Live" full length CD/LP now available from Arrest Records. The CD came out December 4th 2009, and the vinyl August 30th 2010. A All vinyl orders come with a free digital download coupon! Order here now!
1. Sometimes I Write Songs All The Time
2. Be Free
3. I love
4. Logical Ape
5. For Eric And Matt
6. Life Is Stupid
7. Sorry About New Years Eve
8. This Is Where Our songs Live
9. Crush
10. I Wish I Was Dead
11. They Don't Know
12. I Quit

5 Test Press
100 Baby Blue
150 Seafoam Green
250 Pale Yellow

this product is arrest record #006

*This product is also available on CD and iTunes!